Neptec has been engaged in technology development and licencing since its inception in 1990. Our scientists and engineers have worked on a wide range of technologies and have developed innovative solutions to some of the toughest engineering problems in machine vision and robotics. This had yielded a portfolio of patented technologies and unmatched expertise and know-how in the design and integration of intelligent 3D sensor systems for both the space and terrestrial markets.

We are committed to the commercialization of these technologies through licencing and strategic alliances with companies seeking next-generation intelligent 3D vision solutions to gain competitive advantage. Our technologies can readily be integrated into existing product lines or become the foundation of new next-generation products for applications in the industrial security, manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas markets, to list but a few.

Neptec Technologies Corp. has a dedicated team to support the development, intellectual property management, and commercialization of its technologies. We have full product development capabilities to support the technology transfer into product engineering and production. We offer our clients and strategic partners the ability to easily and cost effectively integrate the competitive advantages offered by our products and technologies with their existing product development and manufacturing strategies.