OPAL-ECR (Enhanced Close Range) 3D LiDAR

At a glance

  • Compact, rugged  3D LiDAR scanner optimized for close-range low-reflectivity environments
  • 200,000 points per second (PPS) acquisition rate
  • 240m range for low reflectivity targets
  • 90° or 120° conical field-of-view
  • Class  1 (Eye Safe) laser
  • Penetrates obscurants like dust, smoke, rain, snow
  • Ruggedized for harsh environments and off-road vehicles
  • Unique, non-overlapping scan patterns (no data gaps)
  • No fans or heaters (-40° to +65° C)
  • Compatible with 3DRi (3D Real-time intelligence) software development toolkit for out-of-the-box advanced 3D machine vision applications
  • Supports a “more information, less data” (MILD) approach to 3D scanning


Product description

Based on Neptec Technologies’ innovative scanner design and patented Obscurant-Penetrating LiDAR technology, the OPAL-ECR is a versatile and powerful situational awareness scanner for real-time 3D automation solutions in harsh environments. It is specifically designed for applications that require consistent detection ranges of up to 240m of low reflectivity targets (e.g. coal) and to operate in harsh environments with obscurants.

OPAL™ scanners are designed for the punishing conditions typical of heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas, and civil construction.  The scanner is environmentally sealed and designed to IP67 standards with no external moving parts. It has an extended operating temperature range of -40⁰ to +65⁰C achieved without the need for fans or heaters, providing improved reliability and performance, and is ruggedized to withstand significant vibration and shock levels.  It delivers an unprecedented combination of range, data density, acquisition speed and obscurant-penetrating capability – in a cost-optimized packaged.

Scan patterns

The challenge of real-time performance in applications for collision-avoidance and perimeter security is achieved through the extraction and processing of actionable information from the  large amounts of point cloud data gathered by the OPAL™ 3D LiDARs. The OPAL-ECR uses proprietary non-overlapping scan patterns, at 200,000 points-per-second, to quickly fill in the data gaps within a few seconds of scanning – even when stationary.

OPAL-ECR Typical Applications

A 3D perception scanner for…

The OPAL-ECR has a typical range of up to 240m for low-reflectivity targets, a 200,000 points-per-second data acquisition rate, a customizable field-of-view up to 120°, and obscurant penetration capability (with optional software plugin) equal to roughly 2 times that of the naked eye – all at a lower cost compared to our OPAL 2.0 series of LiDAR scanners.


OPAL Scan of Low-Reflectivity Coal Stockpiles



Close Range (100-200m) OPAL Scan of Departure Gate and Support Vehicles


As the OPAL and 3DRi architecture is very flexible, Neptec Technologies offers customized scanner performance and packaging to meet your specific application requirements.  Please contact us to discuss options.