OPAL™ for Marine



OPAL scan of marina and harbor area

Maritime Navigation and Security Applications

Modern ships are equipped with sophisticated navigational aids for vessel positioning, communications and situational awareness. Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) is a standard sensor for detecting obstacles or ships in maritime navigation. Typical maritime radar provides range and bearing information for obstacles between 300m and 3-5km, but is limited in detecting small objects with low radar cross section due to its relatively large beam divergence.

A radar-like 3D sensor such as the OPAL LiDAR capable of detecting small maritime targets that are difficult to detect with radar and has  high resolution and a natural resistance to clutter has many potential applications.

The OPAL can detect objects at over 1,000 meters distance under any light conditions (day or night) and is robust to clutter and obscurants (such as fog, rain and smoke). OPAL 3D sensors have been specifically designed for harsh environments. It is well suited for use in a maritime environment.

OPAL 3D sensors can be easily integrated with other sensors such as maritime radar or cameras using Neptec’s 3DRi  software library and API interface.

Applications include:

Maritime Security

  • Perimeter Control
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Object Detection

Maritime Safety

  • Search and Rescue
  • Man Overboard
  • Floating Containers and Debris

Navigational Aids

  • Autonomous Ships
  • Complements Radar
  • Situational Awareness


As the OPAL and 3DRi architecture is very flexible, Neptec Technologies offers customized scanner performance and packaging to meet your specific application requirements.  Please contact us to discuss options.