What is “3DRi”?


3DRi (3D Real-time intelligence) is a collection of highly efficient algorithms and software to extract actionable information from 3D sensor data in real-time and from moving platforms.

This technology when combined with our OPAL sensors, allows a machine or system to perceive its environment, automatically recognize changes, and identify and track objects (e.g. obstacles) in real-time and while moving.

3DRi OPAL cubes

The 3DRi Software Development kit makes it easy to develop, integrate and support intelligent perception systems for various machine automation and industrial applications.  Real-time features such as automatic change detection, object recognition and tracking, or automatic scan alignment are all available to the Application Developer as simple, robust function calls.

Together with our OPAL sensors, these “building blocks” make it easy to cost-effectively build and maintain advanced real-time machine vision applications.

3DRi can also be used to improve workflow and post-processing of 3D data captured from mobile mapping and survey applications.  While these types of applications  generally do not require real-time results, the technology can make processing of 3D data more efficient and add new features (such as automatic object detection or change detection) to create opportunities for new data products derived from LiDAR data.


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