3DRi™ Stockpiles is a fully automated stockpile volume reporting solution that uses a small number of Neptec’s OPAL™ 3D laser scanners deployed around a group of stockpiles to automatically monitor individual stockpile levels and accurately and consistently report their volumes. The dust-penetrating OPAL 3D scanners are specifically designed for harsh environments and can be installed indoors in concentration sheds, large outdoor stockpiles such as Run-Of-Mine (ROM) stockpiles, or in ports for material awaiting transport.

Outdoor Stockpiles

Run Of Mine (ROM) Outdoor Stockpiles – Photo and 3D Scanned LiDAR Image



Indoor Stockpiles



Port & Transport Hub Stockpiles


Transport Hub Stockpile Solution using OPAL 3D LiDAR Scanners & 3DRi Stockpiles Application


3DRi™ Stockpiles Workflow



For further information on OPAL-3DRi applications and solutions, please contact us.

As the OPAL and 3DRi architecture is very flexible, Neptec Technologies offers customized scanner performance and packaging to meet your specific application requirements.  Please contact us to discuss options.