3DRi™ Stockpiles


3DRi™ Stockpiles is a fully automated stockpile volume reporting solution that uses a small number of Neptec’s OPAL™ 3D laser scanners to automatically monitor individual stockpile levels and
accurately report their volumes. The dust-penetrating OPAL 3D scanners are specifically designed for harsh environments and can be installed on any existing infrastructure without air-conditioned or heated enclosures. A network of only one to four OPAL™ scanners can be optimized to cover multiple large open-to-the-air stockpiles.


3DRi™ software technology from Neptec is used to perform all 3D data processing and volume calculations automatically and in real-time. This eliminates both the need for costly month-end manual or aerial surveying of stockpiles, and greatly simplifies stockpile management workflows by eliminating the cost and complexity of collecting, managing and post-processing huge 3D point clouds to estimate stockpile volumes.


3DRi™ Excavator Suite


3DRi™ Excavator is a suite of real-time software applications that improves safety and enhances the productivity for excavators and shovels used in open-pit mining.

The software suite uses one of Neptec’s OPAL™ 3D laser scanners mounted on the excavator to generate real-time 3D data of the active face. 3DRi™ software technology is then used to extract useful information  directly on the shovel without a need for manual post-processing of the data back at the office. The dust-penetrating OPAL™  3D scanners are specifically designed for harsh, vibration and shock intense environments and can be installed on mining equipment without any special air-conditioned or heated enclosures.

The 3DRi™ Excavator suite currently consists of:


3DRi™ Bench Profiler


3DRi™ Bench Profiler – A safety application that displays the face profile of the bench to the shovel operator to help warn of undercut conditions that may cause the bench to collapse. This application can be integrated with on-board solutions such as Wenco’s high-precision BenchManager™ system.








3DRi™ Bench Mapper

3DRi™ Bench Mapper – A productivity application that automatically generates digital terrain models (DTM) files of the bench from the excavator. The 3D data from the OPAL™ is down sampled into a user-defined grid with toe and crest extraction. DTM model files are accessible remotely and can be easily imported into commonly-used mine planning software packages. 3DRi™ Bench Mapper eliminates dangerous manual survey work in the pit and improves the productivity of the survey team who can focus on the mine model rather than manual data collection.




3DRi™ Fragmentation

3DRi™ Fragmentation – A productivity application that uses an innovative 3D algorithm to determine accurate rock size distribution of the bench using 3D LiDAR data. It operates without the need for any reference scaling object and independent of contrast and lighting issues experienced with conventional 2D or stereo camera-based solutions.  Users can schedule the periodic collection of fragmentation statistics which are automatically calculated right on the excavator in a matter of seconds and available for remote access and reporting.



3DRi™ Spot Assist (in development)


3DRi Spot Assist is a 3D sensor-based software application to assist haul truck operators with safe and efficient spotting beside an excavator or shovel for loading.

3DRi Spot Assist uses multiple OPAL 3D sensors mounted on the shovel together with a single computer running the 3DRi SDK and Spot Assist software application to continuously scan the loading area around the shovel and recognize and track haul trucks as they prepare to spot beside the shovel for loading. The application calculates the optimal loading position beside the shovel, determines a valid path for the haul truck to back up into that position, and provides the haul truck driver with cues on a display in the truck during the spotting manoeuvre. The system supports single and double-sided loading configurations. It also alerts the shovel and haul truck operators to obstacles that may appear in the path, and reports on spotting efficiency to assist with operator training and bench marking. 3DRi Spot Assist is fully compatible with the above 3DRi Excavator suite of applications.

As the OPAL and 3DRi architecture is very flexible, Neptec Technologies offers customized scanner performance and packaging to meet your specific application requirements.  Please contact us to discuss options.