Providing intelligent 3D perception solutions that solve real-world problems.


Our industry-unique and patented OPAL™ sensor and 3D Real-time intelligence (3DRi™) software technologies solve real-world automation problems in industries like marine, mining, oil and gas, aerospace or anywhere intelligent 3D can help automate complex or dangerous tasks. Our customers include global mining, defense, and aerospace companies.

Our obscurant-penetrating OPAL™ 3D LiDAR sensors are designed to operate in all environments, including harsh locations where they may be subjected to significant amounts of dust, vibration, shock, and wide operating temperature ranges. Superior obscurant penetration provides our customers with an unprecedented combination of range, data density, acquisition speed, and obscurant-penetrating capability.

Neptec’s 3DRi™ applications provide a library of proprietary software that extracts information from OPAL™ 3D sensor data in real-time. 3DRi can be used create applications as diverse as perimeter security and automated stockpile volume reporting to complex operator-assist solutions like truck spotting and collision avoidance. The 3DRi Software Development Kit includes out-of-the-box features like automatic change detection, object recognition, object tracking and automatic scan alignment.

Our 3DRi software technology, combined with our OPAL™ 3D LiDAR sensors, provides a powerful application development platform enabling us to custom-built applications for our customer’s specific requirements.

Founded in 2011, Neptec Technologies is a spin-out of Neptec Design Group Ltd, an award-winning technology innovator for the Space market and NASA Prime Contractor. We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Our Products

OPAL™ 3D LiDAR scanners

OPAL 2.0 is a family of rugged, multi-purpose 3D laser scanners specifically designed for real-time applications in harsh environments. They incorporate Neptec’s patented obscurant-penetrating OPAL™ LiDAR technology. Find out more here.

3DRi™ Software Development Kit (SDK)

The 3DRi™ Software Development Kit (SDK) is a library of proprietary software algorithms that extract actionable information from 3D sensors in real-time.  The SDK makes it easy to develop intelligent 3D applications. Find out more here.